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Why Should You Limit Login Attempts in WordPress?

Login Attempts

Why Should You Limit Login Attempts in WordPress?

A brute force attack is a trial-and-error method of breaking into your WordPress website.

The most commonly used type of brute force attack is password speculating. Hackers use automated tools to guess your password repeatedly in order to get access to your website.

WordPress allows users to re-enter their passwords as many times as they want as default. Hackers may try to exploit this by using programmes to test various combinations until they find the correct login.

To prevent brute force attacks, limit the number of failed login attempts per user. After five failed login attempts, you may, for example, lock a user out.

“Unfortunately, some users find themselves locked out of their own WordPress dashboard after repeatedly providing their password incorrectly.” Before you may limit logins in WordPress, you still must install and configure the Limit Login Attempts Reloaded plugin.

For this guide, just the free version is needed. “Select Settings » Limit Login Attempts, then move to the top of the page to the Settings tab after activation.”

“Most websites will function with the default settings, but we’ll illustrate you how to adjust your site’s plugin settings.”

Check the ‘GDPR compliance’ checkbox on your login page to display a notification that complies with GDPR standards.

After that, you may choose whether or not you want to be alerted if someone is locked out. You may change the email address to which the notice is sent if you want to. By default, you will be alerted the third time the user is locked out.

Then, scroll down to the Local App section, where you may define how many login attempts are permitted and how long a user must wait before attempting again.

To begin, you must choose the maximum number of possible login attempts. Decide how long a user will have to wait if they attempt more than that many times and fail. By default, the timer is set at 20 minutes.

You can increase the wait time once the user has been locked out a particular number of times. For example, if a person is locked out four times, the default settings restrict them from logging in for 24 hours.

It is not recommended that you update the ‘Trusted IP Origins’ option for security reasons.

Don’t forget to click the Save Settings button at the bottom of the screen to save your changes.