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Image Gallery in WordPress step by step

image gallery

Without a Plugin, Create an Image Gallery

A built-in feature in WordPress allows you to create a gallery. This function is simple and lacks many options, but it gets the job done.

Without needing a plugin, here’s how to make an image gallery in WordPress.

To begin, modify the post or page where you want the image gallery to appear. Select the Gallery block from the Add New Block icon on the post edit screen.This will add the Gallery block to your WordPress editor, where you may upload photographs from your computer by clicking the ‘Upload’ button. You can also choose from the media library’s previously uploaded photographs.When you click the Upload button, you’ll usually be able to upload one photo at a time. With the Ctrl key pressed on your keyboard, you can pick and open numerous photos.You can add captions to your photographs once you’ve submitted all of them. Simply click on the photographs to reveal the ‘Write caption…’ option, where you may add a caption.If you click the Media Library icon, you’ll be able to select all of the images for your gallery at once. You can also enter the image alt text, title, and caption from the attachment details tab on the right side when you select photographs.

Select the photographs you want to add and then click the bottom right corner’Create a new gallery’ button.

The ‘Edit Gallery’ page will appear next, where you may add/review your image captions. After that, go to the bottom right corner and click the ‘Update Gallery’ button.

The gallery block settings window will appear on the right side of your post edit screen. You may now select the number of columns for each row, as well as whether or not to use the Crop photos option and where to link your gallery photographs.

If you want your users to only see your photo, click None from the Link to alternatives. This option removes the ability to click on your photos.

If you choose the Media File option, the photos will be clickable, and when you click them, the image file will open. Similarly, if you select the Attachment Page option, the attachment page will open.

You can publish the post and preview the gallery on your live website if you’re happy with the settings.