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How to personalise a wordpress plugin

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We’ll learn how to customise plugins in WordPress without coding any HTML or CSS in this chapter. For multi-user sites, it’s usually a significant addition. Using the WordPress theme customizer, you may customise your login page using this new technique (no coding skills required).

The steps to customise plugins in WordPress are as follows.

Step 1: Go to Plugins and Add New

Step 2 : Install and activate the Custom Login Page Customizer Plugin

Step 3: Go to the Login Customize area of the Appearance tab

Step 4 : To continue, click the Start Customizing button

Step 5 : The built-in WordPress theme customizer will open. You may personalise the theme to make it seem exactly how you want it to

In the side panel, click the new Login Customizer tab. The login customizer page will appear. You may customise your login page in the same way that you customise your WordPress theme on the login customizer page.

Step 6 : The personalised login page will appear as in the screenshot below

  • Replace the default WordPress logo with a logo of your choice.
  • Add a backdrop image or select a background colour from the drop-down menu.
  • Form Backdrop Choose a form background picture or colour for the login form container.

The customizer panel has a lot of translucent options. You can alter the settings of your login page by checking all of the items in the customizer. To save and publish your work, click the Save and Publish option.