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How To Get More People To Visit Your WordPress Site ?

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Increased site traffic will not only illustrate that your time was well spent, but it will also build brand awareness, foster trust among your target audience, and improve your rankings as well as visit of people to your website. As a result, your conversion rate, user engagement, and income may all improve.

Above all, growing your website traffic will provide you a greater understanding of what your customers want, allowing you to continue to create content and products that fulfil and anticipate their demands.

Although there is no silver bullet for increasing traffic, there are some rules you can follow to design a WordPress site with rich content and a consistent user experience.

How to Get More People to Visit Your WordPress Blog?

  1. Make your website search engine friendly.
  2. Produce high-quality blog posts.
  3. Internal links should be included.
  4. Create a mailing list.
    Improve the performance of your website.
  5. Extend your social media reach.
  6. Keep track of your progress.

Let’s take a closer look at these steps so you can start attracting more visitors to your website right away.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Writing high-quality content is the only surefire way to get listed on search engines. This applies to your home page copy, product pages, and everything in between.

There are, however, things you can take to increase the likelihood of your amazing material getting seen. What’s your first move? To allow search engines to find and index your site, make sure your privacy settings are set to Public. Next, conduct keyword research to determine which terms and phrases people use in their search engine requests. Your titles, headers, body copy, meta descriptions, and URLs should all contain these keywords. Google AdWords Keyword Planner, Google Webmaster Tools.

“The next step is to choose HTTPS over HTTP, which ensures secure data transfer between the browser and the web server. Over 96 percent of web pages that rank in the top 10 results are in HTTPS, and this number has only grown over time, plus Google has officially stated that HTTPS is a ranking signal” — Zoran Manic, Search Engine Optimization Specialist at FixRunner WordPress Support.

Produce High-Quality Blog Posts

Blogging should be a component of your content strategy if you want to increase visitors to your site. You have a 434 percent greater chance of being listed highly on search engines if you include a blog as part of your website, among many other reasons.

When creating blog entries, keep in mind your target audience and the types of information they enjoy reading. Some content has a higher chance of going viral and generating highly targeted traffic than others. You should also pay attention to your title, intro, graphics, and other elements.

Include internal hyperlinks

You can connect to other information on your site from your WordPress posts or pages. Providing links to similar material will increase user engagement and lower the bounce rate on your website. You’ll also boost the likelihood of more people finding, reading, and sharing your content.

A good internal linking strategy can change your site’s user behaviour from “read and exit out of tab” to “read, click link, share, repeat.” Internal linking also aids search bots in finding and indexing your site’s information, increasing your chances of ranking.

Improve Your Site’s Performance

The time it takes for your page to load has an impact on both your search engine ranking and the experience of your visitors. Consider this scenario: you attract people to your site, but your site does not load after one second, two seconds, or five seconds. According to a survey by Section, 22.2 percent of visitors will leave your site after five seconds. After seven seconds, the number jumps to 32.3 percent. There was also a link between page load time and the number of pages read in the study.

There are a few additional best practises for increasing the load time of your site besides carefully trimming unneeded plugins, widgets, advertisements, external services, and multimedia.

Create a mailing list

You want to keep people coming back for more once you’ve enticed them with amazing content and offerings. Rather than waiting for them to come back to your site on their own, take the initiative. To entice people to give you their email address, including offers of e-books, templates, free memberships, and other lead-generating content on your articles and pages. An email list allows you to communicate directly with your target audience. You’ll be able to notify them as soon as new content, products, deals, and events become available. New visitors will become repeat visitors as a result of this.

Increase the number of people who know about you on social media

There are an increasing number of social networking sites that receive a significant amount of traffic. Facebook has over a billion daily active users alone. Create personal and business accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn, among others, to get a piece of the action. Sharing your posts and pages on such sites will allow you to reach a wider audience and direct them to your website.

Visitors should be able to readily share your material by including social sharing tools on your site. Your work has a better chance of becoming viral with their aid.

Calculate Your Success

You must measure your performance in order to learn what you’re doing well and where you can improve in order to increase traffic to your site and maintain those gains. You’ll be able to identify and target improvement possibilities by measuring your traffic, keyword rankings, and user interaction. You may find that one sort of post performs better than the others and adjust your content strategy and editorial plan accordingly. Alternatively, you may discover that a consistent volume of traffic is coming from a country that you weren’t targeting and adjust your publishing schedule accordingly.

You can design a roadmap to continuously improve your site and provide better experiences for your visitors by studying these indicators.