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How to Change the Look and Feel of a WordPress Theme

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Go to Appearance > Themes to begin customising your WordPress theme.

Locate the active theme (in our example, Twenty Nineteen) and click Customize next to its title.

On the next page, you can make real-time changes to your WordPress theme. On the left, you’ll find a selection of options, and on the right, you’ll see a live preview of your site and how the changes will influence it.

How to Change the Title and Tagline in WordPress

You may change your site’s title and tagline on the theme customization page and see how it will look on your live site right away. Expand the Site Identity group of settings and change the text there. The new text will appear in the preview on the right side as you type. When you’re satisfied with the outcome, click Publish.

Customizations to the WordPress Theme

Additional choices may be available in that page depending on the theme you’re using. The Twenty Nineteen theme, for example, allows you to change the header picture, colour scheme, and add additional CSS, among other things. When you’re satisfied with the outcome, click Publish to preserve your changes.