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1 way to deal with spam comments in WordPress?

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Comment spam is one of the most irritating things you’ll encounter as your website grows. You may, however, employ tools and methods to efficiently decrease comment spam on your website.

The Akismet plugin must first be installed and activated. Akismet detects spam in your WordPress comments and immediately blocks it.

Then, on your WordPress site, you must enable comment moderation. This ensures that all comments are manually vetted before they are published on your blog.

Go to Settings ยป Discussion and scroll down to the section under “Before a remark appears.” Check the box next to the option “Comment must be manually approved.”

Remember to click the ‘Save Changes’ button to save your changes.

When someone leaves a remark on your WordPress site, it will now be queued for moderation. After that, you can evaluate and approve remarks in the comments area.