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10 Common WordPress Errors And Problems

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Safety First: Back Up Your WordPress Site!

Before we dive into common WordPress problems and how to solve them, first make sure you backup your site before making any changes. That way, if something goes wrong that can’t be recovered with the tips below, you can always go back to a point in time when everything was running smoothly.

Backups can either be performed by your web host (high quality hosting providers will do that for you) or you can use one of the many WordPress plugin solutions out there:

Whichever you choose, make sure it is in place before things go wrong. Do it now and thank me later.

Should you be in the undesirable position of needing a backup with your site already out of commission, you can still back up your site manually.

What You Will Need When Troubleshooting WordPress Issues

The most important thing you will need when running into any of the WordPress issues below is a cool head. Panic will get you nowhere and might also cause you to make bad decisions.

As you will soon see, in most cases things are not as dire as they seem and solutions are easy to come by. Plus, since these WordPress problems are pretty common, others have had to deal with them as well and come out with nerves and sites intact and so can you.

Apart from that, you will most likely need the following tools:

All good? Here is a list of the 10 WordPress problems we will tackle.

  1. WordPress Parse or Syntax Error
  2. Internal Server Error 
  3. Error Establishing a Database Connection
  4. WordPress White Screen of Death
  5. WordPress Sidebar Below Content
  6. Website Connection Timed Out
  7. WordPress Images Not Uploading
  8. Locked Out of the WordPress Admin Area
  9. WordPress Maintenance Mode Stuck
  10. 404 Errors and Missing Images on WordPress