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10 Best WordPress Themes for Retail Industries in 2022

1. The Retailer

For your WordPress-based website, The Retailer is a premium WooCommerce theme. It has a lot of various functions that you’ll find difficult to utilise all at once. It’s one of the greatest themes for your retail business because of the overwhelming value provided for the $59 price. The theme has a high rating and is constantly supported by its authors, so you can expect frequent updates and support from them. More significantly, the theme is very customisable, allowing you to give your business a beautiful appearance and feel while also distinguishing it from the competition. There are several elements included in the theme that are simply waiting for you to discover.

Design, Features, and Usability

The Retailer’s interface is completely adjustable, so you can change the colour, size, variety, and whatever else you want with ease. The theme’s basic drag-and-drop capabilities make it incredibly simple for anybody to create their own personalised web shop in minutes. Not only that, but the theme also works flawlessly with WooCommerce, making it simple for you to accept payments online and provide your customers a variety of payment alternatives. Additionally, you may create a Reviews area for each product so that customers can leave feedback. You may even change the store’s language and currency to suit your needs, effectively localising it.


KALLYAS is a multi-purpose creative theme that may be adapted in a variety of ways. KALLYAS is an excellent alternative for you if you want to develop a gorgeous website with super-quick loading speeds and fast and trustworthy support. The theme is completely compatible with WooCommerce, allowing you to create a dedicated online store in minutes. It has all of the benefits that WooCommerce has to offer. Furthermore, the theme has a variety of options that you may utilise to customise your site.

Design, Features, and Usability

KALLYAS is powered by the Visual Builder, which makes creating a theme relatively simple for website designers. The theme includes a variety of layouts as well as total control over every aspect of the website. You may drag and drop various components about the site before saving your changes. You may also see the changes you’re making to your site in real time using the real-time preview option. The site includes over 100 elements, as well as the Revolution Slider, which allows you to easily personalise the site. You can also add timeline layers to your site to make it even more personalised.Overall, KALLYAS is an excellent WordPress theme that allows you total control over your site using simple, user-friendly options.

3. Mr. Tailor

Mr. Tailor is a well-designed, feature-rich website theme widely recognised as one of the greatest e-commerce themes available. The theme is really simple to install and configure, and it is also routinely updated. The theme makes it simple to add new goods and build up your website in a matter of hours. You may set up auto-uploads to update your inventory online on a regular basis. Mr. Tailor is built with the Visual Composer Page Builder, which provides you complete control over your website’s many parts. The completely adaptable design allows consumers to examine the items on any device, and there are various complex font possibilities.

Design, Features, and Usability

The WooCommerce plugin allows you to sell anything online in a matter of minutes. You can set up your online business in minutes with the hassle-free store management option. You may also provide clients with digital downloads or create an affiliate business on your website. The money collection module is extremely user-friendly, and it supports a wide range of payment methods, including PayPal, credit cards, cheques, and even cash on delivery. This should be a top contender if you want to build up an online business that appears cutting-edge and functions with cutting-edge technology.

4. Divi

Divi is a terrific WordPress theme for small companies, larger enterprises, and multinationals alike. The flexibility to personalise the theme in a variety of ways is its most notable feature. Thanks to the Divi Builder’s easy interface, you can update any element on the site in minutes. It also comes with a slew of other features that make setting up your online business a breeze.

Design, Features, and Usability

Divi features a visual builder that allows you to customise your site completely. A live text editor is available, as well as a responsive editing tool that displays changes in real time. Everything on your site may be customised, and you can choose from hundreds of global elements or 46 content items. You may also choose from a variety of pre-made layouts.

5. Electro Electronics

Electro Electronics is a website theme designed for companies who wish to sell electronics on their website. The theme is GDPR-compliant and has comprehensive documentation. It can be connected with WooCommerce and is rather fast, so loading times will not be an issue.

Design, Features, and Usability

Electro Electronics offers two distinct homepages as well as a specialised mobile user experience that may be entirely modified to meet your specific requirements. The layouts are based on Bootstrap 4, and you can also select from a hamburger menu.

6. Boutique

Boutique is a fully-featured WordPress theme that includes a number of useful features for setting up your online store. The theme may be tweaked in a variety of ways and is compatible with a variety of browsers. You may pick from an almost infinite number of colour schemes, as well as complete localization. You may also utilise a special theme settings panel to have more control over your website.

Design, Features, and Usability

The theme comes with a number of shortcodes and page templates that you can use to personalise your site. You may also use the website’s theme customizer to modify the layout of your homepage. You’ll never run out of possibilities because there are so many distinct styles to pick from!

7. Avada

Avada is a multi-purpose theme that you may tweak to meet your specific requirements. The theme allows you complete control over every aspect of the site, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to start an e-commerce business. It is utilised by over 425,000 individuals, which is a strong indication of its popularity.

Design, Features, and Usability

Pre-made layouts, as well as an image element customizer and uploading tool, are just a few of the cool features that come with Avada. With this theme, you can easily build gorgeous galleries of new items. There is also a collection of GDPR tools available to assist you in becoming compliant.

8. Outfitter Pro

Outfitter Pro is a professional theme for persons who wish to sell clothing and accessories on the internet. Because the theme is completely configurable, you may offer other items online as well. The theme also encourages click-throughs, which can help you increase sales and provide a reliable foundation for selling your items online.

Design, Features, and Usability

Outfitter Pro comes with a theme customizer and a separate settings panel to help you set up your site. There’s also a tool for modifying your eCommerce store and a customisable header that you may customise to your liking. All of these features work together to produce an outstanding e-commerce theme.

9. X The Theme

You get a lot of bang for your buck with X. The theme is totally customisable, and it includes over 30 paid plugins that you can use to quickly set up your online business. The theme includes a Template Manager as well as a number of other design features.

Design, Features, and Usability

On the site, there are various full-size demonstrations to choose from. According to the sort of goods you wish to sell, the theme may be standardised and modified. It’s a great option for those looking for a basic theme that’s straightforward to set up and doesn’t take a lot of effort.

10. Montblanc

There’s no denying it: Montblanc understands how to make a lasting impression on tourists. The theme is elegantly designed and comes with a plethora of options for customising the style of your website. The theme also includes a number of full-featured demos and layout choices that you may customise to suit your needs.

Design, Features, and Usability

Montblanc’s colour palette is incredibly soothing, allowing visitors to spend longer time looking at your items. It also has an e-commerce plugin that allows you to submit images and set up your items without having to bother about coding.

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