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10 Best WordPress Themes for Blog/Magazine in 2022

1. Hueman

Because it’s entirely responsive and includes high-resolution photos and layouts for the ultimate magazine experience, the Hueman theme is one of our favourite free magazine WordPress themes. The theme has unique toggle sidebars that make browsing on tablets and phones a breeze.

Given that this is a fully free theme, the modification opportunities are virtually unlimited. To begin, you’ll have access to an infinite number of widget sections, ten post types, and an unlimited number of colours for places like the top bar, footer, and header. All of this helps with magazine branding, but the major reason we prefer the magazine theme is because it allows you to highlight specific stories at the top of the page. You may also use a slider instead of a button.

2. Colormag

Colormag provides you with a theme that has a lot of positive feedback. This is a lovely, responsive magazine theme that’s suitable for everything from gaming to lifestyle publications.

It offers configurable backgrounds and colours to match your brand, as well as a few modest areas for ad placement. The custom menu appears just beneath the header, and they both serve to navigate visitors around your site and convey what your magazine is all about in an instant.

We like the social network buttons since they don’t require the installation of a third-party plugin. Not to mention, the highlighted photographs on the site are critical for persuading visitors to read your posts.

This is another another free alternative that allows you to use a WordPress theme without having to know anything about coding. For example, because the bulk of the elements are implemented using widgets, sidebars, and footers, you won’t need to alter your source code.

As you can see in the video, there are multiple sidebars accessible, and you can pick how many you want to show. The Colormag WordPress theme has everything you need for a magazine, including translation files and threaded comments.

3. MagazineNP

MagazineNP is a good choice if you want a quick and simple theme for your online magazine.

This freemium theme is compatible with the Elementor Page Builder plugin, which allows you to quickly design your website. It’s also very beginner-friendly, with two demonstrations included. To make your home page, you don’t need to do anything; everything you need can be accessed and designed right in the Customizer. The layout makes it simple to highlight featured and related topics.

This widget-based theme is suitable for a broad range of magazine-style projects, such as sports websites, news portals, and blogs. You won’t have any trouble incorporating an online store into your site because MagazineNP is WooCommerce compatible.

While the style isn’t very innovative, and it may be too simplistic for some users, MagazineNP has all of the essentials for creating and running a regular magazine site.

4. Refined Magazine

If you’re going to put in the time and effort to manage an online magazine, you should think about monetizing your content to help pay for it. To do so, you’ll need a theme like Refined Magazine, which has comprehensive customization possibilities and revenue-generating capabilities.

To grow your readership, you’ll need to develop a strong brand identity. A theme with a lot of customization options can assist you in accomplishing this. Refined Magazine offers a variety of header choices, layouts, post formats, and other features. You may also choose from an endless number of colours and color-code your categories.

There are nine pre-built samples you may import if you want a clearer starting point for your site’s design. Refined Magazine also adds nine unique widgets to your site, one of which is for adverts. This makes it simple to monetize your online magazine.

Refined Magazine is a free theme with a lot of features to help you get started with your digital publication and develop it over time. It’s definitely something to think about for your online publication.

5. MH Magazine Lite

Since many people have downloaded and reviewed MH Magazine Lite, it has become a popular WordPress magazine theme. It makes sense because the theme allows you to submit a sleek background picture that isn’t prone to stretching problems. Upload your own logo and rearrange the components on the site so that your most popular material is at the top.

This is the free version of the MH Magazine theme; if you like it, you can always upgrade. Just bear in mind that the free version is a tad drier than the expensive version.

6. Metro Magazine

Metro Magazine employs contemporary fonts and colours, as well as a responsive interface, to ensure that it looks well on all platforms. It’s a simple option for anyone looking to start an online publication. The beautiful thing about the Metro Magazine theme is that it doesn’t need you to utilise it in a certain niche. It may be used for sports, lifestyle, cuisine, travel, publishing, or any other form of magazine that comes to mind.

The theme comes with a colour scheme that you may customise to fit your branding. The social media integration is useful for driving traffic to your own sites as well as encouraging people to share your blog entries on social media.

Custom widgets may be used to insert a wide range of utilities. When you gather email addresses using a widget, for example, you might wish to run a list-building campaign. After each piece, there’s also an author bio area, so your authors get the recognition they deserve.

You can change the advertisement settings to suit your needs. Some blogs, for example, may want to have fewer adverts, but others would be filled with them. The Metro Magazine theme provides the bulk of features you’ll need for a magazine, including translation tools, CSS access, and a full-width design.

7. News Portal

The News Portal WordPress theme is an excellent choice for quickly putting together a complete online magazine. The design of this theme is appealing and attracts in visitors. Featured stories, colourful category tags, social network integration, header advertising, and a news ticker you can utilise to display “breaking” news at your discretion are just a few of the features that make it ideal for publication. It also allows you to create sections on the homepage that are filled with information from particular categories that you may choose.

Because the theme is entirely widgetized, you can simply place information in a number of locations on your homepage without having to construct pages or work out layouts manually. Simply add content to the widgets and drag them into place, and you’re done. Using the built-in customizer, you may further customise the appearance of this theme. Text, section headings, and other elements can be coloured in a number of ways.

News Portal is a sleek, professional theme that goes beyond the nuts and bolts of the features. However, you could easily use it for both a casual and a business-related newspaper. This theme’s appearance will be influenced by the material and pictures you choose. Isn’t that the way it should always be? The focus here is on your material.

8. HitMag

HitMag is a trendy WordPress theme that’s perfect for a lifestyle or fashion magazine. The theme is absolutely free, and it has a number of useful features that allow you to customise your site to your liking. For example, the theme has four alternative blog layouts to help you stand out from the crowd. These layouts also come with a variety of colour options to help you develop your identity. The author box information are perfect for providing credit to the people that write for you, and the related posts ensure that visitors stay on your site for longer.

The admin has complete control over the information, and HitMag even offers a custom backdrop function for customising what appears behind your article. The language support is excellent for engaging with readers from other countries, and the threaded comments encourage users to discuss your pieces. A full-width template is offered in case you want to remove the clutter and concentrate on the style of a landing page. The HitMag theme looks suitable for most magazine genres, with a grid layout, right sidebar, and two-column support.

9. Poseidon

If you’re looking for a theme that may be used in a variety of sectors, look into the Poseidon WordPress theme. This theme features a lot of open space and some beautiful social networking buttons to help you spread the news about your company.

This is an appealing design, and the wide-screen layout helps how visitors perceive your brand when they first visit your website. The theme allows you to use high-resolution photos in the header and has a widget-based homepage where you can create the lists you want visitors to view. The main blog customizer is straightforward and can be used to create everything from multimedia to text-based postings.

The unique backdrop and colours are great for incorporating your brand into these spots. One of the most interesting appearances you can get with a free solution is the wide, full picture header. Threaded comments are great for generating discussion on your site, and the translation tools are capable of spreading the word about your company in any language.

10. NewsMag

With the NewsMag WordPress theme, you’ll have access to a clean, modern design with enough of ad space to monetize your work.

The slider module allows you to scroll through some of your most recent blog entries, while the social networking buttons are located at the top of the header. There are four main kinds of blog sites. So, if you’d want to view a longer list of blog entries, you may. Alternatively, you might go for a gallery look. The four-column footer widget expands the number of modules you may have at the bottom of your page, and the featured post banner will attract visitors’ attention.

To break up the monotony of text, the NewsMag WordPress theme contains several Font Awesome icons. There’s also a widgetized sidebar where you may add things like social media buttons and About Us content. Google Fonts work in tandem with the theme, allowing you to spice up your typography and make your site more vibrant. The NewsMag theme also has a slider, which makes it ideal for magazines with large headlines.

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